ID and Age Verification

We offer multiple global ID and Age Verification solutions in the AlphaHub.

Our accessible data covers over 3 billion people across the globe, including those with limited credit and financial histories. Thorough customer verification helps to mitigate fraud and satisfy regulatory compliance risks, and can also be used for fast and accurate customer onboarding.

Identity verification can also assist you in resolving possible discrepancies in customer data that can lead to lost income. Our Identity Verification solutions can be used alongside other measures associated with assessing the credit risk and other associated fraud risks of a potential customer e.g. their entitlement or eligibility.

  • Delivers identity verification in real-time to speed up your customer process
    Designed to support regulatory compliance
  • Confidence indicator to create a trusted relationship with genuine customers
  • Robust identity verification of over 3 billion citizens
  • Authenticate identity, age and address in real time as part of your customer registration process
  • Access the widest range of international identity data currently available in the market, through one single point
  • Instantly connect to aggregated information from over 36 billion public and proprietary records.