Global Acquiring

A Global Acquiring Footprint

  • Global Acquiring

    The Alpha Payments Cloud Global Acquiring Network grants both merchants and banks access to a unique worldwide acquiring solution. Join the Global Acquiring Network and enhance the potential international growth of your business. Gain access to a global acquiring footprint, simplifying your international expansion while lowering your interchange and FX expenses.

    Benefits include:

    • Consolidate multiple global acquiring integrations to ONE integration
    • Simplified contract: Sign ONE single Global Merchant Agreement
    • Standardised Business Intelligence & global reporting
    • Improved approval rates and reduced customer friction

    As an acquirer, our Global Acquiring Network enhances your footprint by supplementing the regions you lack and allowing you to truly Acquire and service globally. This will provide you with a unique differentiation against your domestic competitors. In addition, via the AlphaHub you gain access to a vast product portfolio you can provide to your merchants.

    As well as global card acquiring Alpha Payments Cloud offers access to local cards, currency solutions and a vast range of alternative payment methods ensuring customers have an option to pay in the currency of their choice with the payment method of their choice. All within a highly secure process and with merchant access to a wide range of industry leading fraud prevention tools.

  • ONE
    Global Merchant Agreement

    Business Intelligence &
    Global Reporting

    Improved Approval Rates

Expand Your Global Footprint

Be part of our Global Acquiring Network and enhance your acquiring footprint by leveraging and utilizing our global reach. Gain instant access to an acquiring footprint that will expand your revenue reach and also grant access to global alternate payment types, thereby vastly simplifying and enhancing your international expansion and growth plans.

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