• A Single API to the World

    Ultimate Solution Choice

    A single integration to access omni-channel payment processing solutions across eCommerce, mCommerce and POS. Gain immediate access to one of the vastest libraries of payment types, service providers, channels, geographies, currencies and alternative payment methods available today.

    Processors, Gateways and Acquirers

    Gain access to over 175 different Payment Processors, Gateways and Acquirers, globally.

    Fraud & Identity Management

    The AlphaHub features the most comprehensive anti-fraud and identity verification product library on the market today. A single integration to the AlphaHub will grant you access to over 50 best-in-breed risk-centric solutions.

    Alternative Payments

    We offer an array of choice when it comes to Alternative Payment Methods including Bank Transfers, Direct Debits, Cryptocurrencies and services such as PayPal and Alipay.

    Commerce, Simplified

    Whether it’s dynamic shopping carts, the application of relevant sales taxes, the implementation of loyalty solutions, or the connecting of shipping options, sometimes the initial sale between buyer and merchant is only the first step. Our suite of value-add commerce enablers will tackle these challenges for your business.

  • Omni-Channel Payments

    A Single Omni-Channel Access Point

    A single API integration grants you access to omni-channel payment processing solutions across eCommerce, mCommerce and Point of Sale. Connect all of your commerce channels and collect all incoming data through a single interface, giving you a clearer oversight of your business.

    Hosted Pay Pages

    We offer flexible, PCI level 1 compliant, and cost-effective solutions that enable you to offer online and mobile shoppers fully customizable, responsive payment pages.

    Virtual Terminal

    Turn any internet connected computer into a virtual terminal. Simply enter the payment details into the secure Virtual Terminal order form and we will process the payment and send you a confirmation.


    Post payment details silently to the AlphaHub, reducing your PCI compliance burden. The token can be used on later events on the payment cycle, for example: capturing / settling the payment, or refunding.

    Global Acquiring

    Our global acquiring network provides a single stop solution for your acquiring needs. In conjunction with some of the world’s largest banks, we’ll solve your global and multi-currency payment processing problems while lowering your interchange and FX expenses.

  • Simple Orchestration

    Set Up Rules in a Matter of Clicks

    Manage and customize rules and routing in a matter of clicks with the AlphaHub’s orchestration layer. Dynamically choose between multiple solutions using simple conditional logic for cost and success-rate optimization.

    Intelligent Decisioning

    Conditional logic can be used to define rules based on variables present. For example if a low fraud score is returned then safer, alternative payment methods can be called in response.

    Amplify Solution Functionality

    Combine multiple solutions in the orchestration layer to create unique functionalities that solve specific problems. Make your solutions greater than the sum of their parts.

    Business Continuity

    Take advantage of the ability to quickly and easily switch lagging or poor performing solutions. Always have access to the latest technologies.

  • Multi-Channel Reporting

    Real-Time Reporting Across All Channels

    All reporting, performance monitoring and billing are centralized and accessible via a single application, giving you detailed, real-time insights into every aspect of performance. Track all of your transaction, risk and commerce reporting on one dashboard.

    Consolidated Historical Reporting

    View detailed historical reports across all payment types and solutions. Take advantage of your big data.