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  • The AlphaHub

    Alpha Payments Cloud consolidates the entire payments world onto one Payments-as-a-Service platform, the AlphaHub, that enables Banks, Merchants, PSPs and ISOs to access any payment type, any solution provider, anywhere in the World.

    The depth and range of connected service providers and solutions span across the entire transactional, risk management and commerce solution spectrum. There are over 250 third-party solutions, and a suite of proprietary solutions accessible.

    Additionally, the AlphaHub’s orchestration engine enables users to customize down to the individual transaction layer using conditional logic, leveraging each solution’s unique functionality and benefits.

    Only Alpha Payments Cloud provides:

    • Access: To the entire transaction industry instantly
    • Consolidation: Of reports, billing & products into one hub
    • Mitigation: Of risk and costs via our orchestration engine

Global Acquiring

Our global acquiring solution boasts one of the vastest footprints globally and includes access to a myriad of alternate payment and direct debit solutions. We will simplify your international business operations and reduce your related expenses.

As a Merchant, our global payment network provides a single stop solution. In conjunction with some of the world’s largest banks, we’ll solve your global and multi-currency payment processing problems while lowering your interchange and FX expenses.

As an acquirer or Bank, we will enhance your footprint by supplementing regions you lack, allowing YOU to service your merchants globally, versus simply passing them on to a gateway.

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